Proofreading service

In the case of manuscripts that are already polished and that exhibit a sufficiently high standard of english usage, a proofreading service is offered. In particular, the manuscript should not need any structural editing aside from very minor rewording and rephrasing. The decision on whether a manuscript qualifies for a proofreading-only service will made by the editor and will be final. The service is offered for all types of manuscripts, at a single rate. There is no set-up fee, and the rate is $25 per 1000 words.

On a case-by-case basis, if the manuscript does not meet the proofreading-only criterion, but also does not need a full, deep edit, we may be able to give a suitable quotation upon examination of the manuscript.

The proofreading service does not cover checking against journal-specific style rules, nor does it cover checking the content for internal inconsistencies.

See rate summary table for a comparison with other services.

proofreading services of scientific and academic manuscripts