Professional manuscript editing services offered

Here we list the different types of professional manuscript editing services offered. All scientific and other technical disciplines are served, including (but not limited to) biology, biochemistry, medicine, physics, astrophysics, mathematics, and computer science. Click on the links to find out more details about each service and the pricing.

Our speciality is a full, deep, and substantive editing service, which includes

  • grammar;
  • style and english usage;
  • sentence structure;
  • overall logical flow and structure;
  • internal consistency in language and content;
  • improvement of clarity;
  • correct protocol for scientific phrasing and language usage.

The manuscript will be checked for a wide variety of internal consistencies including figure and table referencing. In the case of research papers, articles, and books, internal consistency with the literature references will be checked, but the correctness of the references will not be checked and will be the responsibility of the author. The validity of the scientific and technical content of the manuscript, including figures and tables, will not be checked and is the responsibility of the author.

All rates include to-and-fro exchanges with the lead author for the purpose of clarification of uncertain and/or ambiguous items in the manuscript. The text of figure captions is included in the word count. Although the puncuation around equations will be checked, the equations themselves are not included in the editing services. However, we can help with equation formatting at an extra cost, for which we can give you a custom quote.

Manuscripts that are in LaTeX format will have an additional charge of 15%.

If the manuscript is already polished, a proofreading service is available. For a manuscript that is in between needing just proofreading and a full edit, please request a custom quote.

Turn-around times depend on the length and complexity of the manuscript, and we will give you a good-faith estimate before you commit. Depending on circumstances, rush orders may be possible, but will incur an extra charge, which we can quantify upon examining the manuscript.

scientific editing services offered